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  • Our Nannies love their jobs and their jobs are important for them
  • Our Nannies have work ethic and be aware of how to do extra miles in their works.
  • Our Nannies do things your way.
  • Our Nannies have understanding the needs of western children, safety and hygiene.
  • Our Nannies understand the importance of your children not consuming the water in Bali.
  • Most of our Nannies can swim.
  • Most of our Nannies are Moms themselves and having a child or 2/3 children. We only give babies or toddlers in a care of Nannies with children.
  • Our Nannies speak and understand good English
  • Our Nannies are trained in First Aid and CPR at BIMC Bali
  • Our Nannies' disposition are vary from patient, warm, caring, friendly, gentle, kind, attentive, joyful with kids, respectful, reliable, honest etc.
  • Our nannies prepare games, activities and surprises to bigger ones.
  • We have nannies for special needs and allergies.
  • We supply nanny replacement to those Nannies who are not able to performance their jobs prior the date due to family crisis etc., or after the date of executed work.

We are so blessed and love our jobs, we would love to bless back our society. We spare some of our income from our nanny jobs to bless those who are in needs, such as orphanages, eldelry houses, etc. We will do some posting in our facebook page & in our instagram page on our activities on this, please follow our facebook page and our instagram . We welcome you to join us to make it better, such as you can bring with you your used cloths and we will distribute them to those who are in needs. We are more than happy to arrange some visits for you if you are willing to do so.


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Bali Traditional Massage

Bali Traditional Massage - healing massage, full body relaxing massage, deep-tissue massage to release muscle tension & knots, relaxing massage for kids and babies.


We make it possible for you to enjoy the beauty of Nusa Penida Island with our nannies who take care of your little ones in good hands. We love making your holidays, relaxing, enjoyable, memorable and at ease.


We will make Bali as a home for you during your holiday in Bali with your beloved families. We provide villas to choose from for your holiday home.

5 bedrooms villa - Kuta

4 bedrooms villa - Seminyak


This is part of our extended services to make your holiday at ease and less hassle, we provide our clients car include driver who can be your tour guide as well, and fuel, baby seats, 24 hours services a day. Our drivers will take you wherever you go touring within Bali and even taking you to grocery stores in Bali.


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