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We are Bali Nanny Agency based in Bali. It came to an idea of a Nanny who spontaneously giving an idea, "what if we make our own nanny agency, as we need an agency to work together with us as a team? As a Nanny we can't do the marketing work such as to be online to market ourselves, we work on the field taking care of those children, at the swimming pool, kids club, etc. We need someone dedicated to do on-line job for us to connect with our clients, as part of a team work. It is like a Nanny need an Agency and vice versa, an Agency needs a Nanny to make all works together. And we, nannies, are able to focus more to our works" Here we go! This website is not one person business only but belongs to all of us, our Nannies who support the families' financial welfare, especially for their own children, their jobs are important to them. We start from small.

I would love to introduce myself, I am Rita Napitupulu, as the Nannies' coordinator and administrator on this website of http://baliholidaynanny.com with some back office supports. We understand the importance of leaving your children in the care of good hands to have relaxing and enjoying holidays in Bali.

We are all Indonesians working in Bali as a team work to give extra miles to our works to satisfy you, our clients, and a privilege to have such jobs to take care of your beloved little ones, the apple of your eyes, and the joy of your hearts. I will supervise and visit our nannies from now and then to the accommodations where our Nannies working from, hotels or villas where you stay to see them how to work, their work attitude, and will be a privilege and good opportunity to say hello to you, our precious clients, to get some inputs/ideas to make our works and services better for our clients. Or I will simply monitor from whatsapp and communicate with our Nannies online, and as well as with you, our precious clients, to see the progress and doing evaluations after finishing the works.

I will do occasional Nanny work from now and then, when it comes to Wedding Nannies, Party Nannies, Meeting Nannies when our clients need a group of Nannies in a short of time. We are all love working together with children and mingle around them. All children are precious.

We are proude to be Indonesians & We welcome you to Bali!

We are so blessed and love our jobs, we would love to bless back our society. We spare some of our income from our nanny jobs to bless those who are in needs, such as orphanages, eldelry houses, etc. We will do some posting in our facebook page & in our instagram page on our activities on this, please follow our facebook page and our instagram . We welcome you to join us to make it better, such as you can bring with you your used cloths and we will distribute them to those who are in needs. We are more than happy to arrange some visits for you if you are willing to do so.


Bali Baby Food

Bali Floaty For Rent

Bali Pool Fence Hire

Bali Baby Stroller Hire

Bali Babi Cots Hire

Bali Baby Highchair Hire


Bali Traditional Massage

Bali Traditional Massage - healing massage, full body relaxing massage, deep-tissue massage to release muscle tension & knots, relaxing massage for kids and babies.


We make it possible for you to enjoy the beauty of Nusa Penida Island with our nannies who take care of your little ones in good hands. We love making your holidays, relaxing, enjoyable, memorable and at ease.


We will make Bali as a home for you during your holiday in Bali with your beloved families. We provide villas to choose from for your holiday home.

5 bedrooms villa - Kuta

4 bedrooms villa - Seminyak


This is part of our extended services to make your holiday at ease and less hassle, we provide our clients car include driver who can be your tour guide as well, and fuel, baby seats, 24 hours services a day. Our drivers will take you wherever you go touring within Bali and even taking you to grocery stores in Bali.


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Email: <info@baliholidaynanny.com>